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Fellowship Guidelines for ICORR'99

(Fellowship applications were closed April 15, 1999, and awarded May 1, 1999.)

The Spinal Cord Research Foundation (SCRF) of the Paralyzed Veterans of America has generously funded several fellowship opportunities for ICORR'99.

General Procedure: Following notification of acceptance of papers, posters, or hardware demos, authors who wish to apply for travel fellowships have 2 weeks to submit their application electronically (with support documents by fax). All applications must include the amount requested, along with an official quote from a travel agency or airline company for the airline ticket, and a letter confirming the need for reimbursement by their academic advisor (if student), or from their supervisor (if researcher). The applicant may request up to the full amount of travel. However, the applicant (or the applicant's institution) must be prepared to contribute at least 25% of the cost of travel, depending on the number of requests made to ICORR'99 for fellowships. The fellowships will be awarded based on need, and will be reviewed by the Review Board following the deadline for fellowship application.

In addition to the reimbursement of travel expenses, the awards include free registration, one copy of the proceedings, free accommodations in a local motel for 2 nights, lunches, and the reception dinner. The application should therefore indicate the cost of an economy-class round-trip ticket, and may include ground transportation up to $US 50. In addition, for those bringing live-demo hardware, a quote from a shipping company must be included.

Payments will be made as a reimbursement only. Awardees must present or mail their original receipts to the Conference organizers, either at the conference or afterwards. Reimbursement checks will be mailed to the awardee's address within 2 weeks of receipt.

Category 1: Student Travel Fellowships: For any student whose manuscript has been accepted as a presentation, as a poster, or as a demo, and who cannot secure adequate travel funds to attend, we will accept applications for reimbursement. The student may be from any country. We will reimburse up to $400 for U.S. students, and up to $700 for international travel.

Category 2: Researcher Travel Fellowships: Given the ICORR'99 theme of "communication and learning," we wish to attract researchers from cultures and countries outside the mainstream of robotics in the world today. Since the vast majority of robotics research and rehabilitation robotics research is being performed in North America, Europe and Japan, this type of fellowship is being made available for ICORR'99 authors living in other regions of the world. Geographic exceptions, in staying within the spirit of the fellowship rationale, will be considered. A researcher may be, for example, a Ph.D. student, post-doc, staff researcher, or professor. Please note that there may be some overlap between categories 1 and 2. We will do our best to help as many people as possible attend ICORR'99. Reimbursements for this category are up to US$700.

Category 3: Shipping Cost Fellowships: We wish to encourage participants to bring their rehabilitation robot prototypes and products to ICORR'99. There will be ample room and ample time to view, try and discuss the demonstration systems brought in. At both the lunches, the posters and demos will be as important as the food. If assistance is needed to ship the devices to ICORR'99, upto US$300 will be available for each system. This request may be combined with categories 1 or 2. Please remember that a description of the system, or a manuscript presenting the research being performed by the system, must be submitted as a regular manuscript. These descriptions will become part of the Proceedings.


Job Title:



Manuscript title:

Manuscript acceptance number:

Amount requested (in US$):

Justification for request (suggested 4-line maximum):





Letter from supervisor (date faxed:________)

Letter must include statement: "I understand that my institution or the applicant may have to contribute up to 25% of the travel cost."

Quote from travel agency (date faxed: __________)

If Category 3, quote from shipping company (date faxed: __________)

I understand that the fellowship amount will be mailed to the applicant as a reimbursement within 2 weeks of submission of original receipts: _____

PLEASE FAX ANY DOCUMENTS TO Machiel Van der Loos, Conference Chair, at +1-650-493-4919